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Volunteer Information


There’s still time to Become a Volunteer


Everything you need to know as a Games Volunteer, you’ll find in our Handbook.  Volunteer Handbook FINAL (July 21) 


Volunteers are still needed

URGENT! We still need about 20 volunteers to help with breakfast on Sunday morning. Just four hours of your time (5:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.) would ensure that our athletes get their first meal of the day in a timely way, preparing them for any final events.  Additional help for the other days would also be greatly appreciated.  **

Yes, there is still time for you to volunteer and be a part of our valuable team of volunteers. Check the list below for a number of the opportunities that are still available.  Thank you for volunteering and welcome to the 2014 Alberta Summer Games volunteer team!

**HIGH DEMAND** Safety and Communications (Need commitment by July 3)

-Security to patrol parking lots, venues and athlete villages
-Communication volunteers to help convey messages as needed during the games

Iron Horse Park Volunteers (not on registration form)
Email Chelsie at volunteer@airdriegames.ca regarding this opportunity

Mattress Distribution
Up to 20 people on July 21 and 22, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Accommodations (4 hour shifts)
Supervise entrance of athlete’s villages
Check accreditation

Food Centre

Breakfast, Dinner
BBQ Lunch (Sunday)
Beverages/ Toast
Food Runners

Breakfast set-up
Dinner set-up
BBQ Lunch (Sunday)

Seating Area Maintenance:
Busing tables
Tray cleaning
Green team (garbage and recycling)

Check athlete, coach, official and volunteer accreditation at admittance.

Register athletes, coaches and officials

Move equipment
Set up race
Help with race
Swim counters
Transition area controllers
Bike route controllers
Run route controllers
Take down

Canoe/kayak, slalom and down river race at Nose Creek Park (no experience necessary)
Time keepers
Gate judges
Set up

Mountain Bike
Bike storage and retrieval
Set up and take down
Course marshals watch racers come through and will be responsible for calling for help in case of injury or other emergency

Set up tents
Set up signs

Answer questions and give direction for all things that are Games related

Participant Entertainment
Supervise bowling, movie night, and boys and girls club

Track set-up

Volunteer Emergency Pool
Add name to list for back up when committees are in extreme need last minute.

Basketball (4 hour shifts)
Set up

Set up, score keeping, take down…etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How old do you have to be?
A: Age depends on the task.  Younger children, ages 6-7 could help by keeping the venues clean and free of misplaced (or littered) recycling and garbage.  Children, nine years and up can help their parents clean trays in the food centre.  Teenagers are encouraged to register as volunteers, and if a certain area requires someone to be 18+, we will find a different area for you.
Q: Can I increase my sponsorship amounts by committing volunteer hours on behalf of our company?
A: Yes you can!

Q:  Do you have any opportunities for groups to volunteer together?
A:  There is a few opportunities left that can accommodate a group working closer together.

Q:  Do you have a volunteer recruitment poster I can share?
A:  Yes we do.  Request a poster at volunteer@2014airdriegames.ca.

Q: Do all volunteers get into all events at no charge?
A: No they don’t.  We would love to accommodate such a thing, but due to space and other commitments, volunteers will have to purchase opening ceremony tickets and most others are open. If you have a specific venue or event, please ask.  Tickets for the opening ceremonies go on sale June 23, 2014.

Q:  Who do I contact if I have registered but haven’t heard from anyone regarding my position?
A:  Contact Chelsie Dowler at volunteer@2014airdriegames.ca.
Please email all other questions and inquiries to volunteer@2014airdriegames.ca

** In the event that the “Become a Volunteer” button isn’t working, please complete a paper volunteer application and return it to the Games Office, at 805 Main Street, or try the website again at a later time.  VOLUNTEER APPLICATION FORM

Volunteer Information