What Is Involved With Being A Dog or Cat Owner

Having your pet spayed or neutered is another essential yet simple and affordable process that shouldn’t be neglected. Your cat will need to get spayed after reaching the age of about 4 or 5 months, and your veterinarian can give you a more accurate indication of the best time. Pet wellness programs differ, meaning you can choose the one which matches the needs of your pet in addition to your budget. Ordinarily, you’ll be paying between about $10 and $50 a month and many pet owners find it to be the ideal way to budget for the needs of the dog or cat.

Vaccinations do not cost that much and it is typically a quick and easy process to have your friend vaccinated and secure. Even though there are various vaccines available, the ones any dog owner should be worried about are the rabies vaccination, in addition to those for distemper, and for the parainfluenza virus, a frequent reason for the dreaded ‘kennel cough’. If you’re a cat owner, your pet should have the rabies vaccination, in addition to a shot that protects against many highly infectious diseases, popularly called the FVRCP vaccine. Regardless of your pet, you should understand the vaccination schedule for pets in Memphis to ensure you have all your legally required shots and the strongly encouraged ones!

Pet wellness programs allow you to pre-pay for specific services regularly throughout the year. They can be the ideal means of spreading costs out and ensuring that you can cover boarding, vaccinations or vet visits. Once your health program is set up, payments are taken from the bank accounts, and it’s an easy, safe and practical method to cover many of the services described above, together with routine checkups, dental visits and sometimes medications. Did you know you can pay monthly to save on vet bills with a wellness program? You probably love your cat or dog and regard them as part of the family. But along with all the joy your furry friend brings goes all of the duties of being a pet owner, not only the price of food but taking care of vaccinations, vet visits, dressing and spaying and neutering.

Unless you are extremely attentive, clipping the nails of your cat or dog may be a challenging endeavour, and may actually harm your pet if not done properly. Contact your local vet to see if they can assist – don’t have one? Contact Southwind Animal Hospital for help! That is another service your regional vet will happily provide. Again, it requires just a couple of minutes and probably costs less than you think. Your vet probably offers pet boarding too, which may be an economical, practical and secure means to ensure your cat or dog is cared for while you are away. Pet boarding isn’t just about keeping your pet in a crate at the center for a week; it includes feeding to your specifications, exercising, playing with the creature and ensuring they do not suffer too much from separation anxiety.

Spaying, of course, can help to prevent unwanted clutter and it may also help with various feline behavioural issues, such as being territorial or demonstrating excessive aggression. The process is painless and straightforward; many pet owners appear to be more anxious about it than their cat or dog does!